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Vertical Docks
Adapt your workstation to you, not the other way around

Expedited shipping upgrade

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Expedited shipping upgrade

Upgrade International shipping (DHL / FedEx / UPS ) - most International destinations in 4-5 business days.

Note: To ship 5 items expedited, add 5 expedited shipping upgrades to your cart. For example, if you are a USA customer and want 5 Docks shipped ASAP, sdd 5 instances of the expedited shipping upgrade. The first instance will be $9.99 and additional instances will be $4.99 each.

Additional shipping costs will be added to your cart automatically as follows:
  • USA: $9.99 ($4.99 per additional item)
  • Canada: $14.99 ($9.99 per additional item)
  • Elsewhere: $19.99 ($14.99 per additional)

Actual shipping fees may be lower depending on destination, weight, and package size. We will refund the difference as necessary. Note: VAT/import duty fees may not be included depending on the policy of the destination country.