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Vertical Docks
Adapt your workstation to you, not the other way around

Vertical Dock for Surface Laptop Studio

$54.99 USD - $69.99 USD
Vertical Dock for Surface Laptop Studio
  • Vertical Dock for Surface Laptop Studio
  • Vertical Dock for Surface Laptop Studio
  • Vertical Dock for Surface Laptop Studio
  • Vertical Dock for Surface Laptop Studio

Laptop Studio 2 Vertical Docks expected to ship in mid April 2024

(*Amazon may stock different options than what is available at so check the options carefully before ordering.)


Save desk space and reduce cable clutter by docking your Laptop Studio off the side of your main desktop monitor.


  • Reduces neck/eye strain by raising the Surface to eye-level right next to your monitors
  • Provides convenient drop-in-docking and lift-and-go un-docking - no more fumbling with cables
  • Charges your Surface while also connecting to monitors and your USB devices when you clip-in your own dock electronics
  • Reduces clutter by getting your Surface, dock, and cables off your desk
  • Seamless integration with Enterprise and consumer-grade ergonomic solutions via standard VESA 100mm x 100mm mounting
  • Connect 2-3 external monitors seamlessly while continuing to use the Surface screen. (More screens possible with additional hardware.)
  • Built-in cooling vents align to the Laptop Studio's fan exhausts to re-direct hot air behind the Vertical Dock for best performance


What's in the box?
  • laser-cut VESA mounting plate in black acrylic
  • industrial 3D-printed parts in black PETG
  • spring-loaded security latch
  • horizontal and vertical mounting kits
  • Microsoft Dock 2 mounting cage OR USB-C/TB4 port extension & matching cover plate to use with anyTB4 dock, or a kit to mount your Microsoft TB4 Dock

How does everything fit together?


  • Mounting cage for the Microsoft Dock 2
  • Mounting cage for the Microsoft Thunderbolt 4 dock electronics - note that this option uses one of the Thunderbolt ports and blocks the other port
  • Single TB4/USB-C port with cover-plate so you can use your own 3rd-party Dock instead of Microsoft electronics.
  • Dual TB4/USB-C ports with cover plate - one port on rear, one on bottom - Note that docking with two TB4/USB-C ports is more difficult due to the careful alignment required. Folks with disabilities should consider using the Microsoft Dock 2 instead.)
  • Horizontal/vertical mounting kit to allow the use the pivot built into your VESA arm to rotate 90 degrees between vertical and horizontal while keeping your Surface secure.


Compatible Surface models:
  • Laptop Studio (all models)
  • Laptop Studio 2 (all models)


What you need to use the Vertical Dock:
  1. A Surface Laptop Studio
  2. Surface Dock 2 electronics or TB4 or USB-C hub
  3. a universal VESA arm to mount the Dock and Surface


In addition, the following are recommended:


Tools required:
  • Philips (+) #1 screwdriver


  • USA $9.99 ($4.99 each additional)
  • Canada $14.99 ($9.99 each additional)
  • Worldwide $19.99 ($14.99 each additional)


  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 2-year limited parts warranty


Please send us a note to inquire about bulk Enterprise orders, custom colors, custom embossed logos, and education/non-profit discounts.