Vertical Surface Docks


Note: All Vertical Docks now ship with black 3D-printed parts and laser-cut black acrylic VESA plates.

Fit the Surface Connect cable into the bottom of the Cradle: Top View: Fasten the Dock Box to the bottom of the Cradle with 4 #4 5/8″ screws: Fit the Microsoft brick-shaped Dock electronics in place: Use duct tape to secure the brick in place (optional): Refer to your VESA arm manual for attaching to the VESA arm. You will use the provided M4 nuts/bolts and nut-bars: Tie EPDM latex-free industrial elastic around VESA arm pivot (optional): Elastic band tied around itself into a knot (optional): Expand the band of the top of the dock (optional): The band provides additional security for the tablet (optional):

Use the Custom screen resolution guide to match the size of Windows on your Surface to the size on your desktop monitors.

To enable Landscape mounting (optional):

Swap the top nut bar for the longer nutbar: View with tablet:

Original DIY instructions (Full): Surface Pro 3 / Pro 4 / Pro 2017 - Part 1

Surface Pro 3 / Pro 4 / Pro 2017 - Part 2