Vertical Surface Docks


Note: Vertical Docks now ship with black parts by default. Please contact us about custom colors and materials.

1. Remove the protective adhesive paper then fit the SurfaceConnect cable into the bottom of the Cradle:

2. Top View:

3. Fit the Microsoft brick-shaped Dock electronics into the cage:

4. Fasten the cage to the bottom of the Cradle with included #4 5/8″ screws:

5.1 Optional for some models: use tape to secure the brick in place and cable-tie to coil the SurfaceConnect cable out of sight:

5.2 Some models ship with a spring-loaded hinge mechanism that will need to be attached to the main body with 4 included screws. Tighten the screws slowly and carefully – do not over tighten. Separate instructions will be included with these models.

6. Select two retainer bars to fasten the Dock to a VESA monitor arm. The two short bars can be used for vertical docking. To enable horizontal/landscape mode, use one of the longer bars in the top position on the Dock:

6.1 The smooth long bar is designed to secure the Surface Pro 3. The bar with an extra notch is designed to secure the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Pro 2017. Depending on the model purchased, 2, 3 or 4 retainer bars will be included for you to select from for your particular use. All models include 4 or more M4x12mm and/or M4x14mm screws and matching nuts. To use a different retainer bar, transfer the nuts/screws to the other bar:

7. To attach the Dock to your VESA monitor arm, you'll need to carefully hold the Dock and a retainer bar in place while turning the screws from the rear of the VESA monitor arm attachment point to engage the nuts. Having a second pair of hands can make installation go much quicker. Refer to the manual for your VESA arm for specific instructions. While the screws we provide in the box have been tested on a variety of VESA monitor arm styles, we can't guarantee they will work for *all* VESA arms. Depending on the thickness of your manufacturer's VESA arm attachment point, you may need longer screws than what we have provided. If the screws don't reach far enough, M4x16mm screws from a hardware store may work better. The reason we don't provide longer screws in the box is that if they are used when not needed, they may protrude too far and scratch your Surface device when docking. Here is the final assembly in Vertical-only docking mode:

7.1 Optional: To enable Landscape mounting swap the top retainer for the longer retainer:

7.2 View with tablet:

8. Optional: On some models, the top security tab which flips up and down is designed to be loose for easy dockign and undocking. To provide additional security for the tablet on these models, tie the provided EPDM latex-free industrial elastic around the VESA arm as follows:

8.1 Industrial elastic tied around itself into a knot:

8.2 Expand the elastic over the top of the dock:

8.3 The band provides additional security for the tablet:

9. Recommended: use the Custom screen resolution guide to match the size of Windows UI and applications on your Surface screen to the size on your desktop monitors.

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