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Mounting brackets for MS Surface Dock

$9.99 USD - $22.99 USD
Mounting brackets for MS Surface Dock
  • Mounting brackets for MS Surface Dock
  • Mounting brackets for MS Surface Dock
  • Mounting brackets for MS Surface Dock
  • Mounting brackets for MS Surface Dock
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Fasten your Microsoft Surface Dock 1, Dock 2, or dock power supply to the underside of a desk/countertop, or to a spare VESA 100x100mm monitor mounting zone.

  • allows placement of Dock electronics and/or power brick off desk to reduce clutter and simplify cable routing
  • integrates with industrial/clinical rolling workstations where cables and electronics must be secured


What's in the box:
  • industrial 3D-printed brackets (sold in pairs - one pair can mount a single dock or a single power supply)
  • Optional hardware kit (M4 nuts/bolts for VESA mounting - OR - 4x 5/8" #10 screws/washers for under-desk mounting)
  • Optional steel VESA 100x100 mm NUC extension plate with spacers

  Compatible with:
  • Surface Dock 1
  • Surface Dock 2
  • Surface Dock 1 90W power supply
  • Surface Dock 2 199W power supply

Install Notes:
  • If the VESA 100x100mm mounting zone is already occupied by a VESA arm/ monitor mount you can use a VESA NUC extension plate so that the MS Dock can be positioned immediately next to the VESA arm/mount. It is best to loosely attach the Dock to the NUC plate first, then attach the NUC plate to the monitor. Depending on the size/weight of the monitor, you may need a helper to complete this task safely.
  • Note: for best performance when fastening to wood, drill 1/8" or 7/64" pilot holes before screwing in the #10 screws. These included screws may not be suitable for all desks so be prepared to purchase your own fasteners.

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  • $14.99 International ($2.99 each additional)
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