Vertical Surface Docks

Surface Pro 2017 / Pro 4 / Pro 3 VESA dock

$79.00 - On sale

Image of Surface Pro 2017 / Pro 4 / Pro 3 VESA dock

What if you could use your Surface as a full ergonomic desktop workstation?

Now you can!


  • Reduces neck/eye strain by raising the Surface to eye-level right next to your monitors
  • Dock without fumbling with cables
  • Reduce clutter by getting your Surface, dock, and cables off your desk
  • Uses industry standard VESA mounting (100mm x 100mm) for seamless integration with Enterprise and consumer-grade ergonomic solutions
  • Connect two external monitors seamlessly while continuing to use Surface screen for a total of three screens.


Still not convinced? Check out the demo video on our YouTube channel. The design is open-source so you can make the parts yourself at any public maker space.


What the product includes:
  • laser-cut VESA mounting plate in black acrylic
  • industrial 3D-printed parts in black PLA
  • stainless steel and/or black oxide-coated fasteners
  • industrial grade EPDM latex-free bands and/or neodymium N48 magnets
  • detailed part info available in the open-source installation guide


What you need to use this product:


We ship worldwide. Shipping weight of one dock is approximately 1kg (2 pounds). We ship from Seattle, Washington, USA with the most economical USPS, FedEx, or UPS option available. We strive to re-use packaging materials whenever possible to reduce our impact on the environment.


Safety Warning:
This product may include unsecured neodymium magnets which are a known health hazard if swallowed. Keep unassembled product away from pets and children.


Please send us a note to inquire about bulk Enterprise orders, custom colors, custom embossed logos, and education/non-profit discounts.