VESA Dock kit for Surface Pro 3 / Surface Pro 4 / Surface Pro 2017

$79.00 - On sale

Image of VESA Dock kit for Surface Pro 3 / Surface Pro 4 / Surface Pro 2017

What if you could use your Surface as a full ergonomic desktop workstation?

Now you can!

  • Reduces neck/eye strain by raising the Surface to eye-level right next to your monitors
  • Dock without fumbling with cables
  • Reduce clutter by getting your Surface, dock, and cables off your desk
  • Uses industry standard VESA mounting for seamless integration with Enterprise-grade ergonomic solutions


Still not convinced? Check out the YouTube demo video for the v1 prototype. Or a quick video of my first customer's workstation. The design is open-source so you can make the parts yourself at any public maker space.


What the kit includes:
  • Laser-cut black acrylic VESA mounting plate
  • Industrial 3D-printed plastic housing parts in black PLA
  • black oxide-coated fasteners
  • neodymium N48 magnets
  • detailed part info in the open-source assembly guide


What you need to use this kit:


Safety Warning
This kit may include unsecured neodymium magnets which are a known health hazard if swallowed. Keep unassembled kits away from pets and children.

Please send us a note to inquire about bulk Enterprise orders, custom colors, or custom embossed logos.